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Author: Rose Mеrrin

Illustrator: Gergana Grancharova

Published by Zographic



“You have to learn to control your thoughts, Goodwill, because every thought of yours will materialise on the Earth. If you get hungry, for example, and you start thinking about pastries, they will start falling onto the ground exactly the way you imagine them,” Mindspirit noted mockingly.
“Really!” the little Sylph opened his eyes wide in bewilderment. “This will be a serious problem because I get hungry very often and I love my Granny’s pastries…”
Goodwill swallowed and his stomach rebelled against the anticipation of the yummy pastries. He tried to concentrate but the pastries kept reappearing in his mind. Mindspirit could see what the little air spirit was thinking about because he started turning yellow. Sylphs change colour depending on their thoughts and feelings, and the other Sylphs understand this. Everybody knows that when a Sylph thinks about food, he turns bright yellow.

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Board book

40 pages




Illustrated edition

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